My Name is

Chris Mähl

Graphic Designer
Web Developer
& Advisor
Looking for
modern stuff?

Hey, my name is Chris Mähl.
I am 26 years old, self employed and from germany.

I successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Web Development last year.
During my studies I worked at Apple and as a supervisor in my university. I already worked as a Web Developer with abilities to lead a team for two web agencies in Hamburg. This year I decided to start my own business as a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Advisor for customers like you.

Besides the creation of modern websites with the latest technologies, I also offer the redesign or elaboration of a corporate identity which will fit to your business. For example, in a constant exchange with me, we create a custom-fit logo which will successfully represent your company. But also a redesign or a new development of your website is not a problem for me and I am pleased to advise you.


If you would like to know more of my abilities in order to better assess whether I am the right person for you, you are welcome to check my LinkedIn profile.

me on
my trip.


Currently there is no blog.
But you can follow me on my social media channels
until the blog will be integrated.
See Ya!